About membership

Sierra Leone Red Cross Society has four categories of membership:

Active members are those persons who give voluntary service to the society, pay the annual subscriptions and are registered as such by a Branch/Group.

Subscribing members who pay the annual subscriptions as laid down by the General Assembly. Honorary members who have been designated by Governance in recognition of their exceptional services to the Red Cross.

A patron is a public figure designated by governance that personally supports the National Society.

Members have the following duties:

  • To promote the work of the National Society;
  • To recognise and obey the statutes;
  • To pay the annual subscription;
  • To participate actively in the work of the National Society;
  • To respect, promote and protect the emblem.

Members have the following rights:

  • To elect and be elected to the governing bodies;
  • To participate and vote in the meetings of the local assembly and if elected in the assemblies of higher levels of the organization
  • To present proposals and raise issues with any authority in the National Society.


Membership of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society is open to all irrespective of race, sex, class, religion or political opinions. There are active, subscribing, honorary and patron members.