VACANCY: Records Management Officer

Reports To Director of Human Resource/Administration

Job Band: Intermediate 1
Department HR and Administration
Location Headquarters

Purpose of the Job:
Responsible for the effective and appropriate management of an organisation’s records from creation, right through to their eventual disposal. You’ll provide access to accurate records for a range of operational and strategic purposes and ensure that legal obligations are met. This includes controlling the number of records created and stored, and identifying which records are to be preserved for historical and research purposes and which should be destroyed.

Main Responsibility
• Responsible for the management of electronic and/or paper-based information.
• Identify the most appropriate records management resources
• Design and develop filing systems
• Set up and review documenting records systems
• Establish retention and disposal schedules
• Advise on new a records management policy, providing a framework to guide management of their records and use of the employer’s records systems
• Standardise information sources throughout an organisation or group of organisations
• Establish the changeover from paper to electronic records managements systems
• Respond to information enquiries, giving appropriate access to information
• Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulation

Education: Bachelor degree preferable in a field related Records Management or equivalent a Librarian

A minimum of three years similar experience within a Records Management Systems. Notable experience of managing records.

• Strong communications skills to deal with colleagues, suppliers and public
• Negotiation skills to persuade colleagues to follow agreed record stroing guildelines
• Problem-solving and analytical skills to develop and understanding of how your organisation works and build integrated records
• Good project management and organisational skills
• A good grasp of new technology and adapting to new IT packages and systems and awareness of information management principles and familiarity with information systems and archives

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